Lewis Doherty


Lewis Doherty


Friday, 16th September – Saturday, 1st October

Please join us for a drink at the opening of Lewis Doherty’s solo exhibition on Friday 16th September from 6pm.

Borrowing forms, concepts, materials and aesthetics from the worlds of advertising and digital culture and then channeling them through his own unique cosmology, Lewis Doherty creates idiosyncratic, enigmatic and often humorous modern allegories that make monuments out of that which is considered trivial or childish. Working across a wide variety of media, including sculpture, video, installation and illustration  Lewis here presents “Rupjmaize” a body of both new and old work.
‘Rupjmaize’ self consciously explores the tensions between the personal and the public and the illegitimate and the legitimate inherent in contemporary art making and the mass media. Uncanny figures and forms jostle with the physically rendered text of self reflexive statements and desires within the exhibition space, echoing the wider manipulation of image and thought that occurs online.
Technology, whether digital or industrial, plays a large role within the show providing the works with both a strong sense of the contemporary and a platform from which to comment on how this same technology is affecting our relationships to objects, images and our own sense of self.

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