Daniel Gurton


Daniel Gurton

Friday, 4th August – Saturday, 19th August

To be opened by Darren Sylvester

Nicholas Projects is proud to present Daniel Gurton’s first solo exhibition ‘Transmission’. 
Using a symbiotic relationship of digital and analogue techniques, Daniel Gurton has created a body of work that reflects on behavioural addiction and its relationship to consumer culture. Stemming from a career in fashion photography, Gurton’s reflections come not as an antithesis or rejection for the effects of ‘pablum content’ on society, but rather a deeper comprehension by understanding the realites of the processes for its creation.

Daniel Gurton is a Sydney-based artist whose work researches behavioural addiction. This series was shot in the Bruck Textile Mill in Wangaratta, one of the last remaining textile mills in Australia, where the uniforms for the Army, Navy and Police force are produced. The last artist to shoot inside the mill was the renowned Wolfgang Sievers in 1954.

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