David Collins


David Collins

Friday, 3rd March – Saturday, 18th March

‘Thief’ uses video media and performance to interrogate the uneven relationships that manifest between humans and animals, and people and things, in performance rituals. Using the eagle as a personal motif and symbol for the natural world, Collins engages in a performance exercise, inhabiting the precarious space between control and surrender. The resulting human-animal collaboration acts as analogue to experiential extremes, psychological struggles and power relationships, through which Collins’ proposes catharsis as a powerful human experience for both learning and healing. In surrendering to the eagle, Collins’ relinquishes control of the boundaries between human and animal. The artist and eagle mutually respond to and inform each other’s performance and in the process they become less human and eagle but are entangled and a becoming of the two.

Please join us for a drink at the opening of David Collin’s exhibition on Friday the 3rd of March from 6pm.

Friday, 3rd March – Saturday, 18th March