Kai Wasikowski

For many there exists a longing to be fully immersed in nature–
to be ‘at one’ with it.
Such a vainglorious thought,
for Nature does not need you or I.

Our bodies are a microcosm,
flesh and blood like river systems and fertile like the earth.
Yet we are imposers, imposters–
foreign bodies rejected by our host.

We want to be totally entwined in her,
but we are merely camouflaged.
Waiting in hiding,
alien and alone.

We want Nature to renew us,
to bring us clarity and peace-of-mind.
We expect to be awe-inspired, enlightened–
to return from our pilgrimage, better.

Why are we not satisfied?
The mountains bare down upon us; stoic and unwavering.
We are immune to their heady stare.
The disconnect is numbing.

Our photographs will tell a different story–
images as signifiers of power and grace.
But images cannot evoke the sublime,
the terror of the unknown is to be stared at in the face

Our disappointment is unspoken,
we are in silent crisis.
We go through the motions–
stay on course.

In still moments we awaken from our listlessness,
to share a breath.
And maybe there is still time,
for world to engulf us.

– Sarah Rees